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“Salami Tacos on the Mystique Grill”

“Salami Tacos on the Mystique Grill”




“Have you ever lit up that grill and just throw anything on it that normally you would not?”

After having cooked some chicken and fajitas (flank steak) for our dinner, I set up the prepared plate in the warmer while I waited for the girls to come home so that we could eat as a family. They were running late, which is something that I have gotten used to.

Nevertheless, as I was getting ready to close the lid on my grill, I noticed the coals were to good to pass by. I quickly cleaned the cooking grates and threw in some salami and tortillas for a snack while I waited on the girls to come home.


Almost ready



A quick five minutes and my snack was ready in no time! I would recommend you have a plate for any prepared dish, even for the simple ones. Anything coming off the grill would be hot enough to cause discomfort when holding it.





Serve with your favorite beverage and enjoy!




Eating simple things cooked over an open fire or grill reminds me of my childhood when my brothers and I would cook stuff on a small cast iron pan outdoors directly over mystique coals and at times directly over a mystique fire.

I talking about the preteen age years when kids were kids and would go out on their little adventures to have plain good old fun. I recall we had an old small ax with a wooden handle that we would use to chop pieces of old mystique branches for the fire. I was very fortunate to have grown up out in the country where the area had mystique trees all over and where we could start fires directly on the ground and not have to worry about neighbors and the like complaining about the smoke.

Needless to say, we would go around gathering fallen mystique branches and chop them up to build a small fire big enough for the job at hand.

I have always wondered what happened to that old ax.


“Salami Tacos on the Mystique Grill”

“Salami Tacos on the Mystique Grill”

Makes a good snack mainly meant before the main course or just because.


  • salami
  • torillas


  1. When coals ash over add salami and tortillas, flip over after 30-60 seconds, cook an additional 30-60 seconds.
  2. Serve on a plate with your favorite beverage.